Knowit and Creuna unite

Knowit and Creuna unite

den 22 oktober 2020

On a mission to define the customer experiences of tomorrow 900 employees across the Nordic region join forces. Say hello to the new Knowit Experience.


Crafting experiences with the business in mind and the end-user at heart.

Complex problems call for integrated solutions. That is the reason why Creuna is welcoming Knowit. Together we will be the most complete and integrated experience agency in the Nordics.

“In my dialogue with the EVP of Knowit Experience Fredrik I hear a sincere interest in learning from Creuna, the new company has the potential to be a game changer in the market. The best thing is, it opens up new possibilities for our employees and customers” says Torstein Harildstad, Group CEO Creuna.

Together, the new Knowit Experience will be fulfilling both Creuna’s and Knowit’s plan to build a strong Nordic player. It’s obvious, that the two companies complement each other on key areas. Together, we can do virtually everything found along the customer journey from brand development to complex technological solutions.

“We believe the future of customer experience will be found at the crossroads of validated end-user insights and interdisciplinary execution. Add to that a touch of tech savvy know-how, a creative and curious energy, sprinkled with business understanding, and you approximate the very DNA of the new Knowit Experience. With this approach, we aspire towards an even higher client value at the other end, says Fredrik Ekerhovd, Knowit Executive VP and head of the company’s experience division.

The two company groups have been long-time rivals in the experience domain, with  variations in the overall mix of competencies and strategic approach to the business. By joining forces, there are several synergies to be extracted, Ekerhovd suggests.

“Our clear ambition is to work with the best: The best talent pioneering the most rewarding projects and inspiring brands. It is easier said than done. We need to keep our heads cool, invest in our people, promote expertise and cultivate professionalism. When it comes to attracting ambitious clients and talented staff, the competition is fierce. But I firmly believe there is a power in an overall size and in the geographically distribution of teams.”

In total, the new Knowit Experience will number more than 900 employees across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company will merge operations in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Malmö.

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The acquisition of Creuna by Knowit is expected to close in late November, pending an approval by the Norwegian Competition Authority.