Best of Cannes 2020 with Ulla-Karin Barrett!

Well, the correct title should probably be: “What could have been the Best of Cannes 2020” as no Cannes Lions were awarded in June due to the pandemic. And we’re actually not going to do a regular webinar but instead give you a digital experience in honor of the event.

Our very own Ulla-Karin Barrett has summarized the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and Innovation for more than ten years now. She has shared ground breaking communication and insights from the leaders within our industry. And in this year’s webinar you can expect to hear about new research regarding the correlation between creativity and effect, the power of the masses, how to embrace the future and how our heart is at the heart of it all. She’s promised to try and avoid the “new normal” chitchat and just show great communication and experiences… why don’t you join in and see if she keeps that promise.

Questions: Please contact Josephine Simonsen ( if you have any questions or thoughts.