Are you the first person who come up on Google when you search “SEO audits”, “Keyword Mapping” and “JSON Markup” – or things like that? Then you have already proved yourself as the good SEO-specialist we are looking for.

As all good (and less good) presentations, we better start by presenting ourselves…

We are Creuna. We make digital customer experiences. And we are good at it. 

Actually, it can be said this brief, but if you’d like more words for what we do, it has something to do with creating digital platforms for some of Denmark’s leading companies, making world-class designed brand-campaigns, and also advising about everything that has to do with digitalisation, customer-experiences and innovation. And we are also pretty kind.

Our clients know that tech and data is an important factor if they are going to move their business. We are making sure to always stay at the cutting edge of the evolution in order to give our ambitious clients a push.

In addition to this, we need a bright SEO-guy or -girl, who is able to contribute to our Insights & Analytics-team with strategic pearls of wisdom and a far greater knowledge of Google than one can google. 

 Now is the time for you to kick in the doors of the Creuna-saloon and pull your SEO six shooters. We need the SEO version of Lucky Luke.


About you

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter from where you have your great SEO-experience, as long as you have it. We imagine you have been in a similar position at another well-established agency or in a bigger digital department, and that you can work both practically and strategically with SEO.

We need someone who can optimize our processes and solutions, and who can work as the go-to guy or girl of the house when it comes SEO-relevant questions - both internal and external, which is why it is characteristic for you to have the courage and the experience to take responsibility of the SEO-part of our analytical department. Also, it thrills you whenever you discover a search word with uncharted potential.

Obviously, you are on top of everything from SEO audits and reviews to Keyword Analysis, Keyword Mapping Structured Data and Google Analytics. And it definitely doesn’t hurt if you are able to communicate and sell your SEO-recommendations in a semi-sexy way as well. As our SEO-cowboy you are going to work with copywriters, UX’es, designers and developers, why your interdisciplinary skills are important. You should be able to explain the value of SEO to both the analysis-geeks and to all of those who doesn’t usually work with the matter.


A little (more) about us

We are competitive regarding pay and pension, we have a nice and bright office in Aarhus C., we offer a breakfast- and lunch programme in our own restaurant “UNA”, and our espresso machine makes excellent coffee from the best beans in town.

But if you are the one, you will first and foremost choose Creuna because you feel like taking responsibility – and because you will join some of the best and most inspiring colleagues in the country. They will challenge you (both professional and during a game of table tennis). They will laugh with you – also when they are busy.

In other words, you are the one if you pick Creuna because you see yourself as a part of a social, ambitious and pretty easy-going culture, where it is awesome to be – during and after working hours (we have a CrossFit-club and a CounterStrike-club, I’m just saying). There is a lot of responsibility to gain for the one taking it on at Creuna.


Are you interested?

Then we’d like to hear from you ASAP, as we hope to hire someone by the end of March.

When you send your application, we will receive some personal information about you. If you would like to know how we treat the data, we have composed a small writing for you. You better sit down before you start, because it is a staggering read!

If you have any questions regarding the position or Creuna as a workplace feel free to contact Anders Block Arnfast, Lead Solution Architecht & Team Lead at or on tel. 31 47 30 74.

Upload your resume and your application here