Turning Big Data into lovable digital products

Creuna has worked with New York-based Utopus Insights to turn the power of one of the world’s most advanced analytical engines into attractive and intuitive products. The ambition is to help make it easier and cheaper to produce renewable energy and unlock the potential for the sustainable energy industry.

Customer experience is about making the complex simple

Utopus Insights is a New York-based independent energy analytics company that within a year of its formation was acquired by Danish renewables giant, Vestas, for its digitalization software expertise. Utopus is taking on the challenge of bringing predictability to an unpredictable world. They are doing so by putting the power of big data into the hands of real users across the energy sector worldwide.

Utopus is committed to offer solutions that combine superior analytical power with great customer experience. By enabling everyone from the on-site technician to the CEO with the power of large-scale data and machine learning at their fingertips, Utopus is quickly becoming a preferred partner in the sustainable energy sector. 

Creuna is Utopus’ customer experience partner, working closely together to solve the challenge of making the complex simple, which is the key to creating powerful analytical solutions that users can easily pick up and start using. Bridging this gap unlocks a massive potential; for the renewable energy sector, for Utopus and for the future of our planet. 

A redesigned analytics suite for renewable energy

In the first year of the collaboration between Creuna and Utopus, we have helped bring to market an entire suite of products that redefine how world-leading analytics and great customer experience go hand-in-hand.

Utopus Insights now offers a user-friendly and visually appealing platform which allows people anywhere to understand, forecast and optimize day-to-day green energy production. The solutions are already monitoring tens of thousands of wind turbines and solar panels - generating insights from big data on a massive scale.

The products are designed to scale seamlessly from large operations center monitors to a mobile device in the hand of a technician working 100 meters above ground. This has effectively moved big data out of the datacenter and into the hands of real people who are facing important decisions every day.

From petabytes of data to loveable products

The partnership between Creuna and Utopus Insights has meant a marriage of the fields of data science and user interface design. With seemingly contradictory demands for complexity and simplicity in every element of the solution, we established a set of principles to provide a guiding star for the experience we wanted to offer the users as well as for the design we wanted them to see:

Immediate increase in customer satisfaction

The Utopus Insights product suite has been launched gradually over the course of 12 months, but the common denominator for all releases was an impressive customer reception. On average, the user base for each product is growing with more than 10% month-over-month. More importantly, initial user satisfaction surveys show that the intuitive interface is striking the right nerve with users. The average satisfaction rate is 95% and the products have an average Net Promoter Score of 47, indicating a very high degree of loyalty.

The relaunched product suite is only the beginning for Utopus Insights. With 45% of electricity industry profits at stake from digital transformation over the next decade, Utopus’ product suite holds an enormous financial potential. Even more importantly, the products have a real chance of making an impact in the endeavor to ensure a more sustainable energy supply.

Creuna’s ability to understand not only our business but our customers’ business has been second to none. Their relentless focus on simplifying our data and processes without ever losing track of what’s important for our customers has been critical for the successful redesign of our product suite. They have supported us with a highly skilled cross-functional team of strategists, designers, UX specialists and front-end developers.
Neil Desai
Chief Technology and Products Officer, Utopus Insights