The world’s first accounting therapist

Our fictive accounting therapist Alf Gunnar Kjærnes uses all his skills to convince doubters in the accounting industry to take a step out of the past – and into the cloud.

An industry resistant to change

24SevenOffice will help the accountant to step over to a modern cloud-based accounting solution. 81% of accountants in Norway still use traditional systems, according to figures from Accounting Norway. Switching ERP and accounting systems is a major process for most businesses, because it requires both resources and investment. But insight shows that the biggest obstacle to switching systems is fear of change. Resistance to change isn’t unique to accountants: most of us prefer to avoid change if we can. But when the digital train is speeding ahead and the customers are on it, changing systems is inevitable.

Targeted audience

Creuna created the world's first accounting therapist to overcome the fear of change among the target audience, focusing on the benefits and added value of 24SevenOffice’s technology. The fictional character Alf Gunnar Kjærnes delivers therapy in videos, which were distributed to individuals on Facebook through highly targeted segmentation. The target group is the around 2800 accounting offices located in Norway, and the 11,000 authorized accountants who work there. Thanks to the thorough segmentation job, we have reached over 60% of these potential customers.

The therapy works

The use of online video aimed at the B2B customer group has proven to be very cost-effective. Alf Gunnar Kjærnes received a lot of attention in the industry and quickly became a talk among accountants. This created a good organic spread of his therapist's videos, and they generated good with valuable visits to The various versions of the movies have been viewed over 150,000 times on Facebook and have generated over 7,000 unique visitors to The videos were also published directly on, where nearly 10,000 therapy sessions have been conducted. The accounting strategy has provided high conversion rates for 24SevenOffice. Over 100 companies have ordered trial subscriptions, and several have contacted to start the process of changing over to 24SevenOffice's system.


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  • 2017


10 000

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