SWIMS dressed for success

SWIMS is now well-equipped to gain market shares globally with the launch of their new e-commerce solution delivered in a simple, yet highly functional design.

The beginning of a valuable partnership

For SWIMS, the goal of their web store is not only to sell products, it's to help build their brand. Therefore, they wanted to tell the story of SWIMS and their design philosophy, as well as offering inspiring editorial content about the product in use.

We worked as consultants for SWIMS throughout the entire process – from design to a fully implemented solution. Concepts for future communication of the SWIMS brand were developed as the process went along, which will ensure a consistent brand experience in the years to come.

Product features and funky colors

Visually appealing products in funky color combinations play a siginificant role in the solution. A conscious choice was made to promote the unique aspects of the products and materials, as opposed to allowing the user interface to become too important. Subtle animations and transitions, along with a deliberately lean visual expression, set the stage for the products.

The back-end of modern E-commerce solution

The SWIMS online store is developed on Episerver E-commerce and is fully integrated with the customer’s ERP system. Integration with MailChimp and UPS ensures seamless customer communication including for example tracking of orders. The system has been prepared for handling multiple user languages, and we have integrated the Computop Payment Gateway. Together, these choices give SWIMS the capability to handle targeted communication and customized payment for specific markets.


  • 2016

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