Real food on the go

When it comes to serving hungry drivers on the road, the competition has increased. Shell focuses on high-quality signature products, and we helped them positioning their offering as the good choice along the highway.

Real Norwegian ingredients

We have helped Shell with the design and launch of their new food concept, called Real. As a result, Shell can now promote their Real Hamburger, Real Sausage and Real Baguette products as real meals made from genuine Norwegian ingredients, rather than random, cheaply produced highway food.

The Creuna team also launched campaigns for the chain's 220 stations, an integrated solution consisting of a communication concept, visual identity and packaging design.

Unpretentious communication

Real food deserves proper packaging. The food at the Shell stations is made from carefully selected Norwegian ingredients, and it was therefore only natural to take inspiration for the packaging design from the Norwegian nature and scenery along the roads.

A multidisciplinary team was brought in early in the process. The goal was to create genuine and unpretentious communication to match the character of the products, in all channels and media, at the station and on the packaging.

Hand-crafted design

We developed a hand-crafted and customized version of Shell's primary font, Futura. The handmade font presented the food in a friendly and personal manner, which fits well with the communication. This made the new culinary concepts stand out uniquely, while staying consistent with all the other marketing materials produced for Shell stations.

The design was created using manual and digital techniques. We developed various textures for landscapes to illustrate the snowy mountains and meadows. The ingredients used in the textures are simply ketchup, mustard and dressing – of course!

Increased sales

The Real concept quickly became established in the market, despite a limited marketing budget. An effective launch in the media, with emphasis on outdoor and digital channels, resulted in a considerable increase in food sales at Shell – in some regions of more than 15 per cent.

Two films, released on digital platforms, on television and in the cinema were key in the launch. The films were viewed almost 1.5 million times on Facebook. Moreover, the high number of shares and engagement made the campaign a very effective one, with a surprisingly reasonable cost per impression.


  • Shell
  • 2016


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