Closest to the fish, the customer and the consumer

Royal Greenland’s new platform invites the professional kitchen to join them on a trip from sea to table, and to get inspired to put more fish on the menu.

From catch to consumer

You probably know Royal Greenland, as a producer of shrimps from your local supermarket. What you perhaps don't know, is that Royal Greenland is one of the only fish producers to be completely vertically integrated. This means that Royal Greenland has been taking loving care of your shrimp all the way from the sea, to the processing and packaging and until it finally lands on your table. That's what allows them to offer superior sustainability and quality. And this, of course, does not only refer to the shrimp, but also to the many other fish and seafood products that Royal Greenland produces.

Royal Greenland invited us onboard to tell this story on a new digital platform.

Catching the attention of several audiences

The new platform had a dual purpose. On one side, we had to tell the story of the brand to the distributors, the cooperation partners and the purchasers. An audience that does not necessarily work hands-on with the final products and is therefore more interested in corporate stories, reports and the tale of Royal Greenland.

On the other side, the site needed to inspire any chef to put more fish on the menu. But when it comes to the professional kitchen, there are almost as many chefs out there as there are fish in the sea. Therefore, the site needed to cater to and inspire both the big-scale cafeteria manager and the Michelin-aspiring à la carte chef.

From corporate information to culinary inspiration

To accomodate both audiences and put the brand at the center, we have taken our point of departure in Royal Greenland’s marine universe.

Large, welcoming pictures of food and the sea dominate the site and make it smell like fish - in a good way. As a user, you can almost hear the waves roaring and taste the salt on your lips when you visit the site. At the same time, the products play a central role, as  professional chefs are invited to dive into an ocean of inviting recipes and great tips.

If you want to jump onboard, you can experience the site here.


  • Royal Greenland
  • 2016
  • Episerver


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