Repositioning the challenger in insurance brokerage

The insurance broker Contea is a breath of fresh air in a very conservative industry. They make the difficult easy and set new standards for transparency in both their communication and their contracts. We’ve helped define their new brand position and given them a visual identity that reflects their straightforward way of doing business.

Challenging the industry

A lot of companies consider themselves a ‘challenger’. Some might even think they’re revolutionizing or even disrupting their industry. However, only a few actually live up to their self-image. Contea is different. They are the Danish David in an industry filled with global Goliaths.

Contea still insists on something as old-fashioned as personal counselling. They challenge the conventions of the industry and every day they struggle to create more transparency in an insurance market that is conservative and varied, to say the least.

Admitted, we are probably biased by our cooperation with Contea for the past year. But after interviews with employees and potential customers, we now know the company well enough to say that the image holds true. If you are more into objective realities than agency subjectivity, we can tell you that Contea has the highest customer satisfaction and longest customer seniority of the industry.

A fitting position

When dealing with risk, it seems obvious to talk about everything that can go wrong. Especially, when the target group is primarily CFO’s, who by their very nature are receptive to rational arguments.

However, Contea wanted to break with the widespread tendency of addressing fear. Not just because it was a quirky idea, but because it’s not the way things are done at Contea. Therefore, they came to us with the desire to find a strategic foundation that should establish their position in the market as a present, trustworthy and not least different insurance partner.

The project involved a comprehensive rebranding of the company’s identity – from the visual expression to their tone of voice. The new position should also emerge through a new brand video, just as Contea’s website faced a massive makeover.

From fine print to full-blown visibility

A strategic analysis of the target group and competitors created the foundation for the collaboration. Among other things, the analysis led to four experience principles that not only have come to permeate their visual expression but encapsulate Contea’s way of doing business.

Based on the insights and principles, we created a brand that dares to challenge the status quo and stands out from the crowd. A brand that breaks the conventions of what you expect from an insurance broker. In a market where most things are hidden, Contea has the courage to heavily underline the most important things.

As part of a proper rebranding, we have transferred the essence of Contea’s legacy from the old logo to the new one. We have preserved the squareness but reduced the complexity.

The typography has become Contea’s voice. A large, bold, underlined typography and solid white space to make room for the essentials. The typography serves as a strict conductor and highlights the essence of Contea’s key messages.

The repositioning has also left its mark on Contea’s communication. Opinions stand out more clearly and surplus words are cut away. In other words, the digital presence has undergone a massive clean-up in both text and images.

A foundation for growth

The results of a project like our collaboration with Contea can be calculated in many ways. Are we excited about our work with Contea’s design manual that creates consistency and quality in all contact surfaces? Definitely! Are we satisfied with having cut nearly hundreds of content pages on the website down to seven core pages? Absolutely! Are we thrilled about what we cooperatively have achieved in just six months? Without a doubt!

But more than anything else, we are proud that the project has been a catalyst for a new way of thinking at Contea. That it has created a foundation for the challenger of the insurance brokerage industry to grow even bigger:

“Our new brand proposition has given us renewed energy and a collective pride in what we are doing as a company. The four experience principles that Creuna has defined for us have been catapulted directly into Contea’s DNA. That’s the case because Creuna has shown an exceptional ability to understand us. They have managed to translate the heart and soul of our business into communication, and they have created a professional and modern visual expression that is unique for the industry.”, Lars Steen Nielsen, CEO


  • Contea Assurance Forsikringsmæglerselskab A/S
  • 2019
  • Contentful

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