Nordfjord – all-in-one fjord

Nordfjord has been organized into a cohesive tourism region and has become a more visible and attractive destination. Now a new visual identity and communications concept follows to promote Nordfjord.

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In 2016, the various tourism sectors in the Nordfjord region of Sogn and Fjordane were merged into one single organization. Creuna has helped develop the brand and visual profile for the new organization. Now both large and small players in the Nordfjord region have a solid framework for their marketing and promotional activities and a rich toolkit that makes it easier for each of them to present themselves in a professional manner.

Putting Nordfjord on the map

Nordfjord is little-known - even in Norway, and on a bigger scale Norway itself is only a small country in a big world. The new brand is intended to put Nordfjord on both the Norwegian and the world map. Although, Nordfjord may be considered the cream of the Norwegian tourism offering, our challenge was to demonstrate how it stands out compared to the other fjord regions in Norway.

All-in-one fjord

With its spectacular nature and experiences, Nordfjord is the most compact and complete ‘Norwegian experience’ – right at the heart of the Norwegian tourism product. This clearly defined and highly accessible area, located between the major glaciers and the mighty ocean, is tightly packed with impressive outdoor and nature-oriented activities, delicious local food and rich cultural experiences.

In Nordfjord, you can find it all – thus the slogan ‘all-in-one fjord’.

Promoting the iconic highlights

Nordfjord needed to become better at promoting their iconic highlights: they offer the biggest, best, highest and wildest of Norwegian nature. The goal was for the people of Nordfjord to be able to proudly express these qualities - all without bragging.

In Nordfjord, you can find what has been said to be the wildest seas in Norway; the highest mountain in Norway; the largest mainland glacier in Europe; the biggest Viking ship in the world, and much more.

More than just nature

Nordfjord has more to offer than fantastic nature. Three key areas have received their own names and logos to underline this. There is the Nordfjord Saga – culture and Viking history; Nordfjord Sport –  activities such as skiing, cycling and hiking; and Nordfjord Smak – local food and drinks.


Creuna has developed Nordfjord’s brand platform, design program and logo, website design, web content, communications concept and brand launch film, and we are now currently working on implementation.


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  • 2016


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