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Getting the supplies you need should always be possible, even if you don't have a Maxbo warehouse nearby. That was the customer promise that Maxbo set out to fulfill with their new e-commerce solution.

Maxbo iPad

Responsive web design

A series of effective workshops between Maxbo and Creuna were held early in the process and helped uncover and solve several challenges. We cleaned up the product categories and navigation, while adopting card sorting for creating a better taxonomy and naming of categories.

We also developed a new graphical user interface and adjusted several digital touchpoints to Maxbo’s visual identity. Needless to say, the solution had to be seamlessly responsive to different types of screens and screen sizes. 

Little details enhancing the customer experience were built into the website. As an example, the customer is met with a personalized greeting when logging in, which links Maxbo’s brand promise with the customer's own name. 

Maxbo web artwork


A new technical platform made it possible to make a long wanted improvement to the customer experience. Especially the product pages containing price and inventory levels were given a needed overhaul.

One important feature was to make it possible to select the nearest warehouse based on IP address or geo-location to make this step (which was perceived by customers as unnecessary) as smooth as possible. In addition, we came up with a new solution where customers could choose between have the goods delivered home or pick up in store.

Content enriches the experience

Maxbo’s own inspirational blog,, already has plenty of relevant content with everything from inspirational videos for construction projects to interior trends, but it was not integrated with

We built new interfaces that made it possible for Maxbo to seamlessly integrate the content from their blog with the product pages on the webshop. The goal was to link instructions and inspirational content to relevant products to enhance the value for the customers and provide the necessary support for choosing the right products. 


  • Maxbo
  • 2014

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