L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri

Voss has a long tradition of home beer-brewing. Local craft brewery L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri wanted to bring this tradition o the entire country of Norway – and the world beyond.

Standing out in a competitive market

Competition is tough on the crammed beer shelves in shops. And in addition to high beer quality, design has become a crucial factor for standing out to consumers in the fast-growing craft-brewed beer category.

Working with both the bottles, colors, fonts and a fresh brand voice, we have created a distinctive L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri brand identity that truly reflects the unique ‘Vossa’ mentality that the region is known for in Norway.

Something to look at, something to talk about

In Voss, the locals are known for being playful and irreverent, cultivating their own individuality. The writing on the bottles conveys the ‘Voss mood’ and adds a new dimension to the beer experience. This distinctive tone of voice is also used on other aspects of the brand profile, such as glasses, cards, clothing and cars – to give people a little story and something to talk about, every time they are in contact with the brand.

Handwritten texts

Handwritten texts are an important element of the visual identity. These are used on labels as well as other surfaces. The script emphasizes the playful and casual design, and the lyrics are written in the local Voss dialect. The brand’s font is custom-designed and is used both for the logo and other texts. After all, the beer is brewed by people who have had more than a few beers themselves, and it's only a fun gimmick, if the same could be said about those who have designed and written the texts.

Distinctive bottles and a wooden six-packs

You won't need to see the logo to recognize the Voss beers. The brewery uses distinctively shaped 330ml bottles. The small stubby, black bottle is easily recognizable and helps create a distinct identity. Not only does the black bottle stand out visually, it also protects the beer from light and increases shelf life. Finally, the products come in something as rare as a wooden six-pack.


  • L/L Voss Fellesbryggeri
  • 2016

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