New, strong and international profile for Danish charity

Since 2012, Danish charity DINNødhjælp has fought to protect exposed children against the superstitions of adults in Nigeria. They have helped far more than thousand children accused of witchcraft, and they have established the biggest children's center in West Africa. As a pro bono project, we have helped them redefine their identity and create a strong and international profile under the new name: Land of Hope.

From Hope to Land of Hope

In 2014, the founder of DINNødhjælp, Anja Ringgren Lovén, decides to sell most of her belongings and book a one-way-ticket to Nigeria. The only things in her luggage are some clothes, some food and a strong will to make a difference.

In Nigeria, Anja meets the boy Hope. He is severely starved and has been excluded by the adults in the local community, who have labeled him as a so-called "witch child". These children are either thrown on the street or hunted, tortured and killed because of the superstitions of adults. Anja gives Hope some crackers and squats down to let him drink from her water bottle, before taking him to the nearest hospital. A photo is snapped. From there things start to gather speed.

Over night, the picture of the North Jutlandic samaritan's care for Hope goes viral. The merciful action gets attention from around the world and the support for DINNødhjælp increases rapidly.

Anja does not waste her time and makes good use of the increase in support. In 2015 she collaborates with Engineers Without Borders to establish one of Africa's largest children's centers in the federal state of Akwa Ibom. She had the name ready before the first stone was laid down. It should be called Land of Hope.

The purpose is bigger than the person

Since Anja saved Hope back in 2014, he and 73 other exposed children have gotten a roof over their head and protective walls around them at Land of Hope. Here they receive the love, security, and education that can ensure them a valuable life. 30 adults work with the children at the children's center, and in Denmark, the charity organisation has got 5 full-time employees and a long line of concurrent volunteers.

What started as a single woman's passionate benevolence has grown into a large, professional organisation with one clear-cut vision: A world where no child should suffer due to the superstitions of adults.

It's an ambitious goal that requires international effort. Therefore, DINNødhjælp came to us with the wish to rebrand their identity and create a stronger international profile that could grasp the increasing size of the organisation.

They wanted to reroute some of the focus on Anja's personality to create a larger focus on the organisation's work in Nigeira instead. They also wanted to reframe the negative stamp "witch children" and instead make it a societal issue of uneducated superstition.

Strong messages in charitable values

It's difficult to generate the right, international clout with a brand name that includes the Danish letters Æ and Ø. Therefore, the first step in the development of the new identity was to find a new brand name that was both international and representative to the nature of the cause. We kept on circling around the same one. Land of Hope.

That name establishes the organisation's work as a positive story of hope, love, and life instead of a negative story of melancholy and death, which was essential for the narrative. The recognisability regarding the children's center is important in spreading the name, and the name also holds lots of symbolic value.

It was Anja herself who gave the boy Hope his name back in 2014. If you take a closer look at the world famous picture from back then, you will notice that she has HOPE tattooed on her fingers. An acronym for Help One Person Everyday. It is also an acronym for the cause, Help Organisation Providing Education, which gives the name both personal and socially relevant messages.

To underline the work and mission of Land of Hope, the name was given a powerful tagline: United Against Superstition. Everything was developed based on three core values to the collective brand: Care, Protection and Education. Values that are both strong and robust but also loving and caring. A combination that constitutes the heart of the final identity.

Imagine standing in front of Dalai Lama and making him pronounce 'nødhjælp'. It is mission impossible! So it is fantastic that we now have an international name and a very clear tagline that immediately defines our cause and simultaneously encircles both our values and our messages.
Anja Ringgren Lovén
CEO and founder of Land of Hope

A logo in balance

The visual expression of the identity naturally needed to support and expand the messages conveyed in the name and in the set of values. Land of Hope represents stability and humanity, but it also represents the strength and the borders that are necessary to the children's safety and development.

Therefore, Land of Hope's new logo is built in the form of a perfect square that symbolises borders and stability. Concurrently, the logo's font has a distinctive and sturdy expression which creates a visual balance between the strong but also sympathetic values that characterises Land of Hope's identity.

In the designers' work with the identity, they have worked actively with the comprehensive contrasts of Land of Hope's day-to-day work. The strong opposite the fragile. Borders opposite freedom. Colours opposite darkness.

Scandinavian minimalism and African heritage

Besides the logo, the majority of the visual identity consists of a grid with 10 colourful symbols. Each of these represents a core value within Land of Hope, and once they are used in different combinations, they create a powerful visual expression filled with contrast.

Thus, the symbols function as a visual consolidation of the tagline United Against Superstition since the support Land of Hope's empathic principle that the individual effort stands stronger as part of a collective community.

The icons are all produced within a creative cross fiels of Scandinavian minimalism and African heritage. Colours and shapes are inspired by African culture and by the children's own drawings from the children's center in Akwa Ibom, while the design of the individual symbol is minimalistic, modern and timeless.

This approach has resulted in a visual style that both children and adults can identify with since it is both playful and spirited  but also serious and stable.

A robust identity for a greater cause

With their new identity, Land of Hope stand stronger than ever in their global fight against harmful superstition. The visual part of the identity is concretely displayed on Land of Hope's new website, in the brand book called Book of Hope, and on different types of merchandise.

But it is the fundamental values and stories of benevolence, empathy and strength that is truly the heart of Land of Hope's new identity. It has always been.

Now however, they have gotten a clearer brand with the right visual tools to stand out, thereby increasing the focus on their cause in an international scale.

The result is a new and holistic brand platform that clearly communicates Land of Hope's finest cause, United Against Superstition, all the while telling a core narrative with central messages and values. All things that contribute to create a silver lining in the organisation's work and make the brand scalable so that everyone who joins Land of Hope is met by the same vision. The same brand. And the same vital cause.

Visit Land of Hopes new website, and support their fight against superstition in Africa.

We are very grateful for the big effort that Creuna has made to redefine and rebrand our organisation. We have felt fully understood and respected by the team from Creuna. They have managed to bring new ideas and angles to the table that have liftet the quality of our new identity to a level that we couldn't have imagined possible. This has helped unify our organisation in a way that gives us better cards on hand in our attempt to rule out harmful superstition in third-world societies.
Anja Ringgren Lovén
CEO and founder of Land of Hope


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