Knauf builds sustainably with new digital tools

Knauf delivers sustainable solutions for all construction work. Solutions that very few people think about but that are actually immensely important to their well-being. We have developed a digital platform that unites Knauf's products with their consultative capabilities - and does so in style.

Knauf is building the foundation for the future

A lot of plaster has run across the conveyor belts since Danogips opened up the doors to the very first Danish plasterboard factory in 1968.

Since then, Danogips has become a part of the family-owned Knauf group, and the plaster has been accompanied by both acoustic solutions, filler, mortar, steel and other essential construction materials that means, that Knauf today is able to deliver 75% of all the necessary components for any building.

That makes Knauf A/S one of the world's leading suppliers of sustainable and eco-friendly building materials - and one of the market's sharpest advisors within sustainable construction work. They build for the future but their old web platform was stuck in the past. That's were we at Creuna come in.

Inspiration and documentation

Knauf contacted us with the wish to develop a new and mobile-optimised platform that both functions as a consultative and inspirational tool for architects, carpenters and contractors while also bringing inspiration to consumers with an eager to renovate their homes or build a new one.

They were looking for a new and improved customer experience, in which it should be easy and visually welcoming for any customer to find specific systems and products or make use of Knauf's technical counsel.

Therefore, the challenge was to develop a brand-recognisable site that, on the one hand, should appeal to the professional construction segment by making Knauf's products, solutions and documentation easyli accessable, and on the other hand should be visually appealing and thought-provoking for anyone interested in sustainable building projects.

Design inspired by architecture and construction symbols

Knauf is known as a trustworthy and established brand that both delivers products and documentation of the highest quality in the market. Therefore, the content on the new site is highly inspired by Knauf's own work.

The lines on the site's background illustrate the usual composition of plasterboards, and the consistent blue lines are adjusted to fit Knauf's brand logo. Other than that, the many symbols on the site have been handplucked from Knauf's own system manuals which have funtioned as the stilistic foundation.

The mass of information that made the old website confusing has been comprimised and structured in a way that makes it easier for Kanuf's busy target groups to go from inspiration, over system and structure, to practise. An important part of that equation is that the search function for products and systems has been heavily streamlined.

The design of the site has been devised in a way that brings the user closer to the actual, tangible experience of working with Knauf's products or making use of their guidance.

Rock solid platform with nice details and room to unfold

Knauf's new digital platform is an efficient communication platform that offers a high-quality experience of product innovation and system inspiration within sustainable construction.

Whether it is the architect looking for the exact right acoustic solution, or the carpenter who is missing building materials of the best quality, they can easily and efficiently find it at Knauf.

Knauf now has a platform that lives up to all the requirements of mobile-optimisation, information search, guidance, product listing, and a generally improved customer experience. And as if that wasn't enough, everything is also presented in a visually superior and recognisable style.

With the new website, we have gotten a platform with great navigation that improves the customer experience and focuses on the customer's need throughout the entire bulding process. In that connection, Creuna has shown great interest and understanding in every part of our business and brand. That thoroughness has payed off in the shape of a digital experience and a visual expression that matches our brand identity, our vision, and the values that we work with at Knauf every single day.
Tina Overvad
Head of Marketing, Knauf A/S