A digital helping hand to cooking

Karolines Køkken launches a new digital chapter in the brand’s long history with the loyalty club, Karolines Madklub.

Karoline becomes a digital lady

The year was 1962, the fondue sets were bubbling and the desserts were encased in gelatin. That's how long it's been, since the first Karolines Køkken cookbook hit the market. Since then, Karoline’s Køkken has served a steady stream of recipe inspiration to the Danes, whose food-loving hearts are now only beating stronger for the red-and-white-checked brand.

In collaboration with Hjaltelin Stahl, we have now helped Karoline step even further into the digital era, by creating Karolines Madklub: an evolution of the popular recipe universe, giving the Danes more of what they love.

Personalized services offer a real treat for the taste buds

Karolines Køkken already offers an extensive recipe universe on arla.dk, so the challenge was not to increase the amount of inspiration, rather to reduce the stress of browsing through them all to find the right recipe. To do just that, Karolines Madklub includes  three new digital services, which offer a helping hand when cooking.

The new Madklub requires a login so that Arla can constantly learn and adapt the content to the specific likings of each member.

Family favorites for the entire week

Min Madplan builds on the insight that the most stressful part of the daily hustle isn’t the actual process of cooking - it's rather the planning of it. Therefore, visitors to Karolines Køkken’s website can subscribe to meal planning. With Min Madplan, Karolines Madklub offers an evolution of Arla's existing meal planning feature, so you don’t just receive a series of generic proposals throughout the week. In addition, The Madklub registers your ongoing deselections and favorites, so that your personalized meal plan is filled with family favorites and stays far from your dislikes.

Save dinner with the contents of your fridge

It happens to us all. We open the fridge and can’t imagine ever making a meal out of that half zucchini and sprinkling of remaining cheese.

The Tøm Køleskabet (Empty your fridge) service is another central part of the new solution. This service offers highly personalized and user-friendly recipe solutions, based on the data from each member’s preferences, as well as the contents of their refrigerator. 

A buffet of classics

Your mother has it. Your grandmother has it. You’ve practically grown up with it. We're of course talking about Karoline’s Cookbook ... or one of them at least. Now Karolines Madklub offers a selection of both the classic and newer cookbooks on the so-called "Tag-selv-bord" (open buffet). Here, members of the Madklub can digitally flip through versions of the books and print them free of charge. Say goodbye to mom’s monopoly on the best pork roast. 


  • Arla
  • 2016
  • Episerver
  • Hjaltelin Stahl & Raptor

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