Global campaign for Stokke and Tripp Trapp

Stokke’s Tripp Trapp chair is being relaunched globally, to win over new parents all around the world – with creative support from Creuna

A chair for life

Stokke’s Tripp Trapp was named the Norwegian design winner of the century by Aftenposten last year. Creuna is now helping the Norwegian children's equipment manufacturer to gain new followers around the rest of the world. The Tripp Trapp chair from 1972, with its universal design and durable materials, is a timeless and durable design icon. And it’s precisely this "longevity" aspect that makes the chair more current than ever, among a new generation of young, conscious parents around the world. With this as a backdrop, Stokke is now rolling out a new global communication concept, “A chair for life”.

A world of feelings in global launch film

The launch film for the new concept is based on the insight that some feelings and instincts are common to all parents, regardless of origin. The world's parents share the desire to give their children a safe upbringing, with the best conditions for development. The Tripp Trapp story is therefore told with the heart of joy and interaction through generations. Although the basic feelings are the same, they can be expressed in different ways under different cultural conditions. This has been an important consideration throughout the process.

Global brand management

With its deep historical in Norway, Stokke has a distinctive character and Scandinavian profile - a starting point that Stokke knows appeals very much to modern consumers internationally. Creuna's task has been to manage the brand in all parts of the delivery. Creuna is broad and interdisciplinary, operates with an international perspective and has worked purposefully to create a powerful creative concept that work across all of Stokke’s many markets.