Norway from above

How do you make the Norwegians interested in the work Avinor does? By giving a new perspective on something everyone cares about - their home.

Overcoming the low awareness

In May 2014, Avinor’s helicopter travelled across Norway from the south to the west, through all of the country’s 46 airports while streaming 90 hours of HD and 360° video. Why? Because despite assuming a key role in managing the Norwegian airspace and traffic, while maintaining 46 local community airports, Avinor suffered from a low degree of brand awareness among Norwegians.

Based on our insights that Norwegians are proud of their nature and love their freedom to live and work wherever they desire, we wanted to create an experience that could both engage and activate the Norwegians. The concept became “Fly with us – Norway from above, from airport to airport in three weeks”.  

An engaged audience

We teamed up with the Norwegian broadcast station TV2 in order to maximize the impact of the campaign. This resulted in the largest web TV initiative in the history of the channel and secured continuous coverage across all of its editorial areas.

The campaign generated a value of more than NOK 50 million in earned media. A total of 15 TV programs were aired on TV2 – with an average audience of 320,000 viewers. The website worked as a ‘live hub’, where the audience could follow the helicopter, see a map of the planned route, suggest changes to it and share content. It was visited more than 1 million times and was supported by four social media channels that were used to create engagement and user-generated content throughout the campaign.

Great media coverage

The 46 airports were given help and inspiration to create events in the local communities, which led to a great attendance by the local citizens. The media plan supported the regional and national media coverage, which ran for three consecutive weeks, resulting in 320 news articles on the subject. The goal of making every airport an ambassador of its region was definitely achieved. 


  • Avinor
  • 2014

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