Exclusive branded commerce for Danish Crown

With well-known Danish meat brands like Tulip, Gøl and Steff Houlberg, Danish Crown is an established part of most Danish refrigerators. Now the brand family has been expanded with the exclusive subbrand Dyrbar which focus is to sell the concern's very best meat cuts, directly to the consumers.

Sharpening the brand with digital innovation

With more than 28.000 employees and a yearly revenue of about 61 billion crowns, Danish Crown is a global operator within meat production and refinement. But the company that was founded in 1887 is also a good example of how you grasp the opportunities of digitalisation.

With the new webshop called Dyrbar.dk, we have collaborated closely with Danish Crown to create a pilot project that is focused on testing an entirely new digital business model. You see, this is the very first time that Danish Crown is selling meat products directly to the consumers.

The intention behind the new webshop is not necessarily that Dyrbar should become a cash cow for Danish Crown. Quite the contrarary, the purpose was to create a commercial experiment that should provide the company with a better understanding of the eCommerce market.

Other than that, the new Dyrbar brand represents some of the finest cuts available on the meat market why it also contributes with sharpening the collective brand of Danish Crown both internally and externally. Therefore, it was also essential to create a website that both visually and design-wise could communicate the luxurious expression of Dyrbar.

A distinctive brand experience

The ambition was clear form the beginning: Dyrbar was to be an independant brand that could raise the bar for Danish Crown's digital presence. To accomodate that ambition, we composed a strong digital concept design that is both scalable and functions as part of a larger ecosystem.

At the start of the project, we also defined a series of experience principles that characterises the customer journey of Dyrbar.dk. At the same time, we made a digital rendition of Dyrbar's brand book to ensure that both strategy and execution was streamlined across channels.

The final solution was an elegant and exclusive webshop. The site provides the visitors with a sense of luxury and showcases the impressive cuts of meat perfectly. We have also worked intensely on striking the right balance between an immersive brand experience and efficient eCommerce functionality.

In close collaboration with Creuna, we have created an eCommerce-solution that is able to contain the strong brand story of Dyrbar while also functioning as an effiecient sales channel. Creuna's understanding for both those dimensions has been excellent and decisive to the project's success. We are very much looking forward to keep working on the project with them and develop it further.
Dorte Ruby
Head of Premium, Danish Crown