Cobham SYNC puts the customer first

Tech giant Cobham SATCOM is leading the satellite communication industry with their products. With their newly launched customer portal, their digital customer experience now does the same.

Digital silos after acquisitions

The global company Cobham SATCOM has experienced significant growth over the past years as a result of organic growth as well as several mergers and acquisitions.

Following the many mergers, Cobham SATCOM was faced with one of the typical challenges that arises when you also acquire existing digital solutions and IT platforms. They had ended up with a number of digital silos, leading to an inconsistent and rather troublesome digital experience for their customers.

Customer-centric ambitions

The lack of one collective digital platform led to an array of internal and external challenges. One example was that the customers had to use one login for finding product information, another for finding marketing materials and a third for using the support function. In addition, the setup with so many different systems was expensive and ineffective for Cobham SATCOM to maintain.

This is why Cobham SATCOM wanted a new, highly customer-centric solution. To achieve this, it was crucial that all data and functions were gathered on a single-point-of-entry platform. This should not only improve the customer experience, but also leave customers with the experience that Cobham SATCOM’s digital services had risen to the same industry leading level as their products. 

Internal and external gains

In order to make a truly customer-centric platform, the project took its point of departure in understanding the customers and in structuring their different needs and usage patterns. These insights were cumbersome for making a personalized platform, where users are only presented with the information they want and need to see. The new customer platform, Cobham SYNC, covers everything from being an extranet and marketing portal to being a product database and support center. The integration of functions from different platforms was part of a larger roadmap for the SYNC platform where, among other features, a new spare part webshop will later be integrated.

The solution has quickly proved that customer centricity pays off. Customers experiences that they now save time because it has become much easier to find what they need. At the same time, the solution has led to internal streamlinings, as it's now possible to automate and simplify an array of processes and tasks. 


  • 2016
  • Umbraco
  • Cobham SATCOM

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