Meet Carla – a voice assistant for the kitchen

It’s never been easier to find inspiration and get guidance on how to cook a proper meal. With the voice assistant Carla from Arla, you’ll be able to talk your way through any recipe and let your hands focus on chopping, kneading and tasting the ingredients.

We lack inspiration in the kitchen

The Nordic region has been at the forefront of cooking and gastronomical innovation over the recent years. It has made the people of Scandinavia hungry for new dishes and exciting flavors. Unfortunately, the average consumer has only five fixed recipes in the repertoire. In other words, inspiration is in short supply, and that’s a challenge Arla would like to solve. With thousands of recipes and millions of visitors to their website every year, Arla is already a natural ally when looking for inspiration for the next meal. 

At the same time, a new technology is changing the way we find inspiration. Intelligent, voice-activated speakers have made their entry, and they are on their way to centering our behavior on the auditory rather than the visual.

The consulting firm Gartner expects that 30 % of all world searches will happen without a screen as early as 2020, and in the US, every sixth household now has a speaker you can ask for advice.

In fact, the evolution of voice control is not that surprising, as the voice is the most natural interface for human interaction. We learn to talk when we are about two years old, and at the age of five our linguistic understanding is so developed that all that is left to develop from there is vocabulary, irony and sarcasm.

Voice-driven inspiration and guidance

At the end of 2018, Arla decided to explore voice assistants as a new way to reach consumers. The decision was supported by Google launching their popular Google Home speakers in the Nordic countries in the autumn of 2018, so now you are able to speak Danish, Swedish and Norwegian with them.

The result was the intelligent kitchen companion Carla – a voice assistant developed specifically for Google speakers. Now, consumers can lie on the couch and ask their Google Home-device for dinner suggestions from Arla recipes. All they have to say is ”Hey Google, talk to Carla”.

Your favorite dish or empty the fridge? 

You can ask for recipe inspiration based on which meal you’re about to make, what type of dishes you like, or what you have in the fridge. This is possible because together with Arla we have given each recipe up to 52 unique tags. It brings an unprecedented contextual understanding to each recipe.

Step by step without lifting a finger

Once you have found the right recipe, Carla will guide you through the preparation of the meal so you don’t have to let go of the dough, the minced meat or the sauce. Carla can read the guide out loud step by step. You can also choose to have the recipe sent directly to your mobile, TV or tablet if you want to see a picture of the dish or read other users’ comments.

Delightful results

Carla from Arla aired in Sweden on 19/12-18 – in perfect timing for Christmas, where thousands of Google Home devices lay under the Christmas trees. The exact number of users of Carla is unfortunately confidential, but we can safely say that it has surpassed Arla’s expectations.

As for the use of the app, particularly the inspiration phase has been impressive. On average, users have interacted with the branded application for one and a half minutes. And every time they have activated a session, they’ve said Arla’s brand name out loud – often with family and friends around them. The satisfaction is also traceable in the user evaluations, in which Carla’s rating is on 4.8 out of 5.


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