Be proud of your cup!

Shell strikes a blow for diversity and launches its own coffee agreement for the first time - without focusing on what cup you are.

Cup as you are

Since most gas station chains have already had coffee loyalty club cups for many years, the challenge was to create a new type of coffee loyalty club agreement that people could quickly see the value of. The solution was a coffee loyalty club without focusing on what shape and size your cup has. In Shell's coffee loyalty club, we would have people use the cup they already had in their car, or another favourite cup. An agreement that is not only more customized, but also more environmentally friendly.

Challenged cup ideals on all levels

Beyond Shell’s own locations at the gas stations, we also used Facebook as a channel. Here, we wanted to raise a relevant commitment in the fight against cup shaming through the distribution of movie and picture posters with simple messages and clear visual stopping power. We developed a longer film with the fictional artist Bruno Modum, creating a very own coffee deal cup without being limited by any physical limitations or ideals.

Cup competition

A common thread in the campaign's posts in social media, was that all kinds of motorists were encouraged to be proud of the cup they had - and engage in the fight against the traditional cup ideals. Just like they are different drivers, they hit the road with different cups. As part of this, we got the drivers to send us pictures of their cups. Thus, we cheered on the diversity out on the Norwegian roads by creating the worlds greatest digital cup gallery.


  • Shell
  • Advertising
  • 2017



million views on Facebook, 1000 pictures of unsensored cups in Norways biggest digital cup museum, and a considerable increase in income in Shell's 221 gas stations country wide.