A world of extravagant cheese

Attention cheese aficionados! Arla Unika has launched a new webshop oozing of luxury and making it possible to order the delicious products with just the click of a mouse.

Welcome to the digital cheese shop

As Arla Unika is known for a great customer service in their physical stores, the uncrowned cheese king has focused on also bringing the in-store expertise to life online. That's why the new webshop pays attention to the detail.

The mission was clear: Arla Unika wanted to make it even easier for picky cheese connoisseurs to get a hold of the specialty cheeses. We have helped Unika meet their ambitions with a new Commerce site, which supports their position as an edgy gourmet brand. 

Rich content activates the senses

If you have ever been to a physical Unika store, you will know that it's a place where personal and competent service goes hand in hand with an exclusive and luxurious experience. With the new platform, Arla Unika wanted to create an online universe matching this experience.

But how do you digitize the range of taste and emotions that make out the in-store experience? To enable the consumer to almost scent, sense and taste the products, the site is filled with rich content. For every cheese, you will find detailed, vivid descriptions, recommendations for matching wine and beer, advice on serving, cutting and storage and of course recipes with the delicious products. This offers the consumers the possibility of ‘educating’ themselves to becoming true cheese connoisseurs!

The complete experience

With the new webshop, it is easier than ever to enter Unika’s universe. On the digital shelves, you will find a wide range of individually wrapped custom-made cheese, large tasting plates and gift cards. In addition, you will also find unique dairy products from Arla along with selected gastronomical goodies.

To complete the experience of personal and competent service, all orders are hand-packed in store by the Unika staff and accompanied by small cards with information about storage and use of the products.

Successful Arla front runner

The Unika webshop is Arla’s first take on direct online sales to consumers, and the new sales channel has become very popular among cheese lovers. The first two months saw more than 16,000 visitors at the website, together generating sale of more than 800 units.

To streamline the process as much as possible, the webshop has been based on the e-commerce platform Shopify. This has ensured a short time to market with a visually appealing solution, which, in addition, is easy for the website team to administer.


  • Arla Unika
  • 2016
  • Shopify


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