Delicious food universe with a twist

Apetina inspires consumers to make delicious, yet manageable everyday food, with help from engaging blogger content.

Food inspiration for everyone

Forget about molecular gastronomy and food tweezers. Basically, that was Apetina's mission, when we helped them launch a new global platform. The platform sets out to lower the barrier for cooking, and inject a good portion of joy and fun back into the kitchen.

That's why, we guarantee that you will not stumble upon neither Michel Michaud nor Gordon Ramsay in Apetina’s new food universe. Instead you are invited into the kitchen by ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for cooking, as the content on the site is delivered by food bloggers - our time's true everyday heroes.

Authenticity and Mexican on the menu

Apetina wanted to boost their digital presence without becoming just yet another food brand. But that can be difficult, when nearly all food brands today offer an online recipe universe, and when consumers actually often find their inspiration elsewhere.

So we invited some carefully selected bloggers from Apetina’s primary markets to join us at the table. Because it adds credibility and authenticity when the dinner inspiration is served by a team of busy twin parents, or when an adventurous globetrotter shares her best tips for Mexican cooking. In other words, the content goes down a lot easier, when it comes from ordinary people, with whom the consumers can identify.

A design centered on... cheese

Design-wise we also focus on the joy of cooking. Throughout the site, the consumer is met by large, mouthwatering pictures. Cheese in solid, melted, liquid, crumbled and spreadable form will make your stomach growl and your mouth water. From the navigation, to the icons and the delicious dishes, the site is kept in an easy digestable style, which altogether helps underline that cooking delicious food doesn’t need to be cumbersome.

At Creuna, we take care of planning and coordinating content with the bloggers from the six main markets. Every month, we make sure that there are new recipes on the menu for the hungry consumers. This way, Apetina doesn't have to worry about content production, but can focus their efforts on other projects.

Socializing our way to the shopping cart

Reality is that only few of us jump head first into a branded food universe, when we're in the kitchen fiddling with our smart phone with greasy fingers. So we were aware that to catch the consumers, we needed to be present where they actually find their inspiration: on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media is an obvious channel for content, as it enables us to meet the consumers, long before their stomachs start to growl and their shopping cart is full. We take care of the community management, and are therefore responsible for creating synergies between the different channels, and drive competitions and campaigns, which get even the pickiest foodie to join the cheese cart.

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  • 2016


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