DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway) aims to facilitate learning and experimentation in Norwegian design and architecture. Through the development of new brand platform and visual identity, Creuna has helped DOGA showcase the industry, rather than itself.

Built around design methodology

DOGA had been formed through a merger of three independent organizations - and therefore needed to find a clear, new direction for the new entity. They wanted design methodology to be strategically and visually central to the process of creating a new platform. Designers have been involved in the work from the start, with the development of brand platform and valuation, all the way through to the completed visual profile and logo. The entire process has ensured that the new identity is central to DOGA's new strategy, thus contributing to the organization reaching its goals as a single entity.

Creates an arena

DOGA – Design and Architecture Norway – advances the role of design and architecture in shaping Norway’s future. The organisation facilitates collaboration and creates an arena for practitioners and businesses in the sector.

In constant movement

The highlight of DOGA’s brand profile is a new logo, featuring four letters displayed without a dominant focal point. The letters act as visual cornerstones, naturally creating shape and substance, depending on the point of view. The logo hints at DOGA’s ambition to be an arena for possibilities.

DOGA represents the various design and architecture disciplines, which are reflected in the way the logo comes to life. The logo adapts itself to digital formats – and where motion is possible, in 3D physical formats, and in 2D and printed materials.

Users can interact with the logo on the web, producing experiences that vary, depending on the type of device. A digital “logo maker” was also created, making it easier to design new logos in an infinite range of perspectives. As a result, the new visual identity appears organic and dynamic – quite appropriate for a sector in transformation.


  • DOGA
  • Branding and visual identity
  • 2017


Lead Designer
  • Marc Ligeti
Lead Designer
  • Heidi Bakken
Senior Designer
  • Stein Øvre
Graphic Design and Front-End Development
  • Asbjørn Hegdahl
  • Bjørn Endre Langeland
  • Sindre Martin Dahl
Creative Leader
  • Stein Sørlie
Strategic Advisor
  • Kristine Ildahl Bjørnstad
Strategic Advisor
  • Tina Jacobsen
Project Leader
  • Lisbeth Fasting

  • Visuelt, 2017

    Gold, Visual Identity

    Visuelt, 2017

  • Red Dot Awards, 2017

    Winner, Communication Design

    Red Dot Awards, 2017

  • Eurobest, 2017

    Gold, Design

    Eurobest, 2017

  • Eurobest 2017

    Bronze, Design

    Eurobest 2017

  • Gullblyanten, 2018

    Gold, Identity Design

    Gullblyanten, 2018

  • D&AD, 2018

    Winner, Branding

    D&AD, 2018

  • ADC, 2018

    Gold, Brand/Communication Design

    ADC, 2018

  • ADC, 2018

    Silver, Brand/Communication Design

    ADC, 2018

  • ADC, 2018

    Best of Discipline, Brand/Communication Design

    ADC, 2018

  • One Show, 2018

    Silver, Identity System

    One Show, 2018

  • One Show, 2018

    Silver, Logo

    One Show, 2018

  • Art Directors Club of Europe (ADC*E), 2018

    Silver, Design

    Art Directors Club of Europe (ADC*E), 2018

  • Cannes Lions, 2018

    Finalist, Design

    Cannes Lions, 2018

  • Cannes Lions, 2018

    Finalist, Craft

    Cannes Lions, 2018

  • German Design Award, 2019

    Winner, Brand Identity

    German Design Award, 2019