5 a day

BAMA’s 5 a day concept is about eating more fruit and vegetables. The company now also has an appetising new logo for the concept.

Making Norway healthier

BAMA is Norway's leading fruit and vegetable distributor. Along with the company’s dominant market position, comes a great deal of corporate social responsibility. One of the way’s that BAMA fulfils that responsibility is through the well-known “5 a day” concept. The concept encourages Norwegians to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. With the new logo Creuna has delivered, the idea of having 5 a day has now become even more tempting and easier.

Cut into shape

The 5-day logo is based on a fairly simple idea: Certain patterns and shapes are repeated in nature. Circles and spirals can be seen everywhere in nature, including within fruits and vegetables. A common denominator for using fruit and vegetables in cooking, is that people cut them up, because cooking requires it, as well as the fact that cutting them has the effect of inducing children to eat more of them. Most fruits and vegetables from a circular shape when cut, for example when carrots, potatoes, apples and so on, are cut into slices. The full and half circles that make up the 5's in the logo show just this.

Fast and flexible logo

The idea also gave us the opportunity to recreate the logo physically, by cutting up the raw materials. In this way, the number 5 can be adapted to different messages, whether one is speaking about a particular vegetable or more vegetables that together make up the ingredients in a salad. The logo in graphic versions can also be colour customized: so, for example when we are talking about seasonal strawberries, the logo could be presented in red. This is how the logo refers to both the BAMA products and for cooking. In addition to the logo work, Creuna has also provided the film concept "The 100 Best Days of the Year", which presents Norwegian raw materials in season.


  • BAMA
  • Graphic design
  • 2017