Policy regarding handling of applicants’ personal data

Creuna collects and handles all personal data professionally and confidentially in accordance with the Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). In connection with the recruitment your personal data is being registered and stored digitally in our electronic onboarding-system, Jobylon, which is only accessible for the relevant people in our onboarding-committee. External individuals are not allowed access to the data and it is not shared with a third party. 

Creuna will learn about your personal data in connection with an application. To minimize the extent of sensitive personal data, we recommend you not to register information about: 
- Current or former illness (unless it is relevant for the job you apply for) 
- Your health, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, political and philosophical conviction, affiliation or membership of a union. 

Furthermore, we recommend you delete the last four digits of your social security number (CPR-number) from e.g. diplomas, and in general only write sensitive personal data to the extent that is relevant for your application and for the job you apply to. 

We store your application for 6 months, as a rule. This gives us the opportunity to read through your application again, if a similar position becomes available during the period. Your application will automatically be deleted after 6 months, according to the limit for storage of job applications. You have the right to have your application deleted from our system at any time prior to the expiration period. After your request have been made, the application will be deleted manually as soon as possible. You have the right contact us to request a correction of wrong information at any time.  

We occasionally supplement the information you have registered with information collected through social media, primarily LinkedIn, to our assessment of you as a candidate. We collect references from former employers by appointment only. 

I the last part of the recruitment process, you will be asked to complete an online personality test. The purpose is to get as comprehensive a picture of you as possible and thereby ensure the right match – for you as well as Creuna. The result of the test will always be presented to you. The test results will be stored in your digital folder. If you are not hired in the company, the test results will be deleted immediately after the ending of the recruitment process. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact HR Manger, Helle Sandmann. 

If you wish to complain in relation to the processing of your data, the complaint must be forwarded to: 
Borgergade 28,5. 
1300 København K  
Tlf.nr: 33 19 32 00  
E-mail: dt@datatilsynet.dk