B2B Xperience 2020

Creuna and InfinIT are hosting the leading conference on how digital transformation and customer experience are changing the B2B industry. The day will be packed with inspiration from best-in-class companies coupled with thought-provoking speaks from start-ups and scientists. It’s basically the perfect professional getaway.

OBS! The conference has been rescheduled for December 3, 2020.


Digital transformation is still the hottest potato at the executive boards of any given B2B company. Very few have managed to crack the code and open up the countless possibilities that successful digitalization entails. At B2B Xperience 2020, you'll hear from some of the transformational front-runners. 

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The term ‘digital transformation’ has been used too much and too vaguely. Everyone and their mother, grandmother, and dog seems to have their own definition of the term, which makes it difficult to grasp and therefore difficult to utilize properly.

Our take on the matter is that digital transformation is deeply intertwined with customer experience. That’s why this conference primarily focuses on the changes that happen in relation to the customers. That means that it covers everything from sales, marketing and eCommerce to new business models, product development and general go-to-market strategies.

Real experiences and real takeaways

The conference is a fast-paced day of solution-oriented inspiration that functions in the interplay between abstract strategy and concrete practice. You will take home both new inspiring theory and a whole bunch of new pointers for your digital to-do list.

The primary components of the conference are genuine, reflective stories from the battlefield - tangible cases and real experiences; for better or for worse. The speakers are hand-picked to cover everything from big-player enterprises to medium-sized B2B companies.

The chosen cases will be garnished with the newest knowledge from Danish scientists and inspirational power-talks from innovative entrepreneurs. It’s a strong match-up of relevant trends and direct pointers that should keep you engaged throughout.

What do you get?

  • Relevant insights within the interplay between digital transformation and customer experience

  • Honest and solution-oriented cases that give you concrete advice

  • Inspirational stories and trendy theory that will push your processes further

  • All the cake and coffee you can possibly digest 


Arrival, breakfast and immense amounts of coffee

Welcome! So what's this all about?

"Building a Market Place for the Entire Aviation Industry"
Bjarke Mads Sejersen, Head of Digital @ SATAIR

"Bring Value to Your Digitalization by Enhancing Customer Experience"
Nanna Aage Lundsgaard, Senior Director of Engineering @ Danfoss

"Deep Learning is for Everyone"
Henrik Pedersen, Head of Visual Computing Lab @ The Alexandra Institute

Put some coffee in your cup, and wake up!

Lars Elkjær, Director of eCommerce & Digital Channels @ Vestas Wind Systems

Morten Barkholt & Lasse Staffensen, Lead UX Consultant & Lead Insights/Analytics Consultant @ Creuna

"The Importance of Transforming to Stay Relevant"
Henrik Juul Nielsen, Director Innovation Management @ Grundfos

Time to munch some lunch!

"Digital Transformation of B2B Companies"
Jonas Hedman, Professor, Department of Digitalization @ Copenhagen Business School

"Journey Management"
Luise Bang, VP, IT & QHSE @ MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

You need more coffee, don't you?

"From Brand-Driven Dairy to Tech-Based B2B"
Rasmus Dalby, Digital Business Developer @ Arla Foods 

"How to Prevent Physical Infections with Digital Tools"
Salahdin Mabtoul, Global CRM Business Development Manager @ Abena

"Why Experimenting with New Technology is Always a Good Idea"
Stine Mølgaard, Co-founder @ Radiobotics

Closing thoughts and thank-you's

Expand your network. There might even be alcohol!

Please note that the program is subject to change.

Who is it for?

The conference is aimed towards production companies, but B2B companies working with service, sales or IT are also obvious participants. This target group will also be reflected in the speakers that we invite.

Organisationally, the conference primarily addresses decision makers. It doesn’t necessarily has to say CEO on your business card, but you should have a say when it comes to your company’s digital transformation. If you have that in place, it’s less important if your main field of interest is marketing, sales, digital, eBusiness, innovation, or business development.


Time: 8:30-17:00

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2020

Location: Turbinehallen, Aarhus

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B2BXperience 2020 is presented by Creuna and our partners: